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The script of my comedy TOLD LOOK YOUNGER is now available for sale on Amazon.




by Claire Grove and Stephen Wyatt

Published by Nick Hern Books December 5th 2013



The script of GERONTIUS has now also been published and can be bought through through Amazon or through



Memorials to the Missing

The script of the award winning radio play about Fabian Ware and the creation of the Imperial War Graves Commission first broadcast in November 2007 on BBC Radio 4. Winner of the Tinniswood Award for best radio script broadcast in 2007. Winner of Silver in the Best Drama category of the 2008 Sony Radio Awards. From the BBC website - "Stephen Wyatt's Memorials truly was radio drama at its best, dynamic, informative and beautifully moving. I, like many others, wept while listening." "A superb, touching, well written and historically accurate play." "A wonderful experience. It is rare that any play is that powerful and involving." "The best Radio 4 play in twenty years."

Radio Times 25-31 October 2008:
"Afternoon Plays can be great, they can be weak. But sometimes they are so profoundly strong that they deserve a better fate than being forgotten by the time the 3 o'clock news is over. Stephen Wyatt's tale is one such play. "


Gilbert without Sullivan

The texts of six fast and funny adaptations for radio based on stories by W.S.Gilbert. First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and highly acclaimed. The contents - The Finger of Fate, The Elixir of Love, The Burglar's Tale, Wide Awake, Mr Foster's Good Fairy, A Sensation Novel. The Burglar’s Tale formed the basis for Stephen’s collaboration with Jeff Clarke and Opera della Luna on The Burglar’s Opera.


R.I.P. Maria Callas: Monologues for Stage and Radio

Monologues for theatre and radio. Included R.I.P. Maria Callas - A tragi-comic monologue about a man who loves opera and public lavatories and comes to accept his gayness too late. The Standard Bearer - A beleaguered Shakespearean actor in tour in West Africa. The Limo from Hell - The rise and fall of a male model.

Plus radio monologues commissioned for performers such as Dora Bryan, Bernard Cribbins and Paul Scofield on subjects ranging from a woman who accompanied the silent movies to a dying hero of the Armada, a defrosted Ice Man and a disgruntled Santa Claus. Neil Dickson's acclaimed performance of The Standard Bearer directed by Julian Sands has been seen in London, Los Angeles and San Francisco.


L'Assommoir: A stage version of the novel by Emile Zola

The text of the highly successful version of L'ASSOMMOIR produced at the West Yorkshire Playhouse by the acclaimed team of Jane Gibson, Sue Lefton, Anthony Ingle and Stephen Wyatt. An ensemble piece in words, music and movement. Cast of five women and four men.

"Zola's teeming, remorseless view of labouring life in 19th-century Paris translates excellently into vivid theatrical terms... The story is told with superb economy and invention and without any recourse to a spoken, linking narrative." Jeffrey Wainwright in The Independent. "Theatre is swarming with adaptations of novels. Some are better than others and Stephen Wyatt's version of L'Assommoir is amongst the best I've seen" Michael Schmidt in The Daily Telegraph. "This fine stage version." Michael Coveney in The Observer.


The Speculator: A version of Balzac's comedy Le Faiseur

A sparkling stage version of Balzac's witty comedy about a financial speculator on his uppers. The perfect comic fable for our financial times!

First commissioned by the Orange Tree in Richmond and first performed on the BBC World Service in 1997 with Martin Jarvis as Mercadet.

Oblomov. A stage version of the novel by Ivan Goncharov.

A dark comedy about the ultimate Russian couch potato.

Based on a version first performed on BBC Radio 4 with Toby Jones in the title role.



Tales the Countess told

A weird and wonderful play about the Countess d'Aulnoy, her fascinating life and her imaginative fairy stories.

Based on a version first heard on BBC Radio 4 with Eleanor Bron as the Countess.


Paradise Towers (Dr Who Library No.134) (Target Books)

A story featuring the further adventures of the time traveller Dr Who, as he journeys through time and space with a variety of companions. This work is based on the television series of the same title.




The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Dr Who Library No.144) (Target Books)


Pinero: Three Plays

(The Magistrate, The Second Mrs Tanqueray and Trelawny of the ‘Wells’)
Introduced by Stephen Wyatt (Methuen Master Playwrights)




Rare Earth: A Programme about Pollution

Devised by the Belgrade Coventry Theatre in Education Company and edited by Stephen Wyatt and Maggie Steed (Methuen Young Drama)

(Out of print)